Panoz AIV Roadster Review. Why the steering of this roadster is unbelievable?

For today’s review we’re looking at a Panoz AIV Roadster.  Let’s ride back in time in one of my favorite cars.

American car

Panoz Roadster is an American made sports car with great handling, V8 motor.  It’s made here in America which is great. Roadster has a V8 motor, no comparison to any Chrysler comparison car.






The steering, the performance on it is 10 times better than any Chrysler performance car.  It’s a real true American Roadster.

Performance and exterior

Panoz Roadster has a Ford cobra drivetrain, four wheel disc brakes all around, the coil over shocks. The steering is unbelievable on her.  When you’re driving, you’re looking for a curve in the road or a sudden stop to witness the experience and the handling and the performance of the car.  It’s all aluminum body, all aluminum frame which Panoz definitely do quite well.





AIV stands for aluminum intensive vehicle which currently is 65% aluminum décor.  Performance numbers for this car:  0 to 16, 4.6 seconds.

Power engine

The 25th anniversary limited edition is now available from Panoz.  There appears to be a few changes over the years.  According to their current Panoz’s spec sheet there are now two engines available.  The first is a 440 horsepower from Panoz Elan power products and the second is a 570 horsepower Panoz Elan power products motor.






Both motors though come with either a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmissions. The Panoz AIV Roadster weighs in about 2,500 pounds, this hasn’t changed over the years.


Other things that have changed, it now has an option of a mini Ipad in dash to handle the GPS, music and other systems.





It also has  keyless ignition and a push button start.  I personally love Roadsters from the 1950’s and this car comes very very close.

Stay with us!

I hope you all enjoyed this quick review of this Panoz AIV Roadster. Let me know in the comment section below. Have a great day.

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